Asset Protection

Our firm helps clients design a strategy for protecting their hard-earned money and assets. The best long-term plan may incorporate an overall estate or business plan. Clients faced with immediate collection issues often have less favorable options than those who planned ahead. The cliche “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies squarely here, both in terms of asset protection and defending against an existing or prospective claim.

The process begins with an intake interview which allows us to get familiar with your particular situation. Next, asset protection options are analyzed and set forth together with an evaluation of the risks and rewards of each course taken.

Florida residents have powerful options to protect assets, especially when an imminent danger of collection is present. Florida law provide constitutional and common law protections against creditors who seek to attach the equity of a Florida residence. The home or “homestead” of a Florida resident remains, with very few exceptions, outside the reach of creditors.

We can advise you how to become a Florida resident and, thus, protect the equity in a Florida homestead. Unlike other strategies which could be subject to look-back and fraudulent conveyance attacks, the equity in your Florida homestead can withstand most creditor challenges.

Call us to set up an appointment so we can help set up and document a creditor protection scenerio under particular circumstances. The sooner one acts to secure and protect assets, the better the asset protection plan works.