Donna 6824Contracts take many forms and define many different relationships. James Karl & Associates represents clients involved in a wide array of business transactions including the formation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs), mergers and acquisitions, shareholder agreements and buyouts, joint ventures arrangements, business operation agreements, partnership agreements, and employment relationships. Some specific areas in which the firm has experience include:

(1) buyers and sellers in residential and commercial property sales, including the sale of manufacturing facilities, franchise operations, convenience stores and truck stops, golf courses, health care facilities, planned unit developments, zoning issues, and other types of business matters and issues.

(2) lenders and borrowers in forbearance and work out agreements, buy-outs, deed in lieu agreements, moratorium agreements, and other agreements seeking to document the terms through which a business can continue to operate through difficult times.

(3) employees and employers in employment agreements, consulting contracts, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-disturbance agreements, and non-disparagement agreements.

(4) franchisees and franchisors in distribution contracts, franchise agreements, supplier agreements, purchase agreements, processing and warehousing agreements, and sole source agreements.

(5) lenders and borrowers in loan agreements, notes, mortgages, security agreements, security interests, and guarantees.

The contract stage is critical to protecting the client’s future interests. The attorney and client must pay attention to all details and anticipate future issues as they apply. James Karl & Associates brings its years of experience and legal resources into the negotiations and drafting of the governing documents.